Leslie's Dessert Werks
Banana Brown Sugar Toffee
   made with fresh bananas and homemade almond toffee

Birthday Cake
   made with fresh baked yellow cake and homemade buttercream frosting

Bittersweet Chocolate
   made with local Guittard chocolate

Black & White
   made with local Guittard chocolate, homemade "oreos" and marshmallow sauce

Butter Pecan
    made with homemade butterscotch sauce and fresh pecans
   made with homemade butterscotch sauce
   made with local Guittard chocolate
Chocolate Chip
    made with pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla and local Guittard chocolate
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
   made with local Guittard chocolate and luscious raspberry preserves

Cinnamon Apple
   made with fresh apples
Cookie Dough
    made with homemade cookie dough
Cookies & Cream
    made with homemade "oreos"
Egg Nog
   made with real bourbon and freshly grated nutmeg - seasonal

    made with real espresso
Everything Chocolate
   with local Guittard chocolate, homemade "oreos", and white and dark chocolate chips

French Vanilla
   made with pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla and crushed vanilla bean
Kahlua Coffee
   made with real espresso and Kahlua liqueur

Mint Chocolate Chip
    made with pure Peppermint and local Guittard chocolate
   made with true Nutella

Orange Chocolate Chip
    made with freshly grated orange zest and local Guittard chocolate
   made with fresh peaches - seasonal
Peanut Butter
   made with lucsious creamy peanut butter
   made with fresh pears - seasonal
Peppermint Stick
   made with pure Peppermint - seasonal

   made with fresh pistachios
    made with pumpkin and spices - seasonal
Raspberry Sorbet
   dairy-free with fresh raspberries - please note - not recommended for cakes
RJ's Mint Cookies & Cream
   made with pure Peppermint and homemade "oreos"

Rocky Road
   made with local Guittard chocolate and fresh almonds
Salted Butterscotch
   made with homemade butterscotch and sea salt

Salted Caramel
   made with homemade caramel and sea salt
    made with fresh strawberries
   made with pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla
Yelpity Irish
   made with whiskey, homemade caramel, cookie dough, almond toffee and sea salt
Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip
   dairy-free with soy and rich dark chocolate
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